Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the campaign trail

The European elections are just 2 weeks away and I’ve been out on the campaign trail this week!

Despite current events in Westminster I am finding the reception good on the doorstep. People are angry, and rightly so, but many do understand that this election is about who will represent the people of the East Midlands in the European Parliament and I believe Labour MEPs have an excellent record, one that we can be proud of.

In the last 5 years we have achieved the following:

  1. Taken real action to tackle climate change, putting in place legislation to reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2020 (from 1990 levels)
  2. Introduced the European arrest warrant to stop criminals escaping across borders. This was actually used to help bring back a suspect in the London bombings from Italy to the UK.
  3. Slashed mobile phone roaming charges on calls and texts across Europe
  4. Put in place equal rights at work for temporary agency workers
  5. Championed new protections at work from cancer-causing chemicals, and violence and abuse.

And if re-elected we will continue working hard to ensure:

  • We overcome the financial crisis, including better regulation of financial markets and investment vehicles
  • New rules to ensure stability and fairness in our banks
  • Stronger rights for consumers, so no matter where in Europe you are buying from, you can be confident the products you buy are of good quality, safe and fully guaranteed.
  • A proper balance between Europe’s economic and social goals.
  • Further health and safety protections against new and emerging risks in the workplace.

This election is about who will be elected to tackle the most important issues of the day: the financial crisis, creating jobs, climate change and security. We can only successfully tackle them through effective cooperation both with our European partners and globally and by instilling our own values of fairness, solidarity and equality into the decision-making process.

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  1. Hi Glenis

    I wish I had the answers as to why the EP is, it appears, looked on with increasing scepticism by UK electors. Sadly, I suspect that one of the reasons may be that in an era of soundbites (and that's exactly what the 24 news channels both demand and encourage), people shy away from reasoned debate. I suspect that they are too impatient and that it's easier anyway to go with the flow created by the likes of the Tories and UKIP who thrive on appealing to the lowest common denominator and reject co-operation. Just like in our national politics, we have to lay it on the line just how far Labour revitalised our society after the vandalism of the Tory years and what is at stake should they be re-elected. Europe was our saving grace during that dark period but this all seems to have got lost in the propaganda that the likes of Nigel Farage have (I hate to admit) all too successfully proffered.

    Best wishes.