Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cameron's Tories in Splendid Isolation

Yesterday William Hague met with the chairman of the European People's Party (EPP) to confirm that Tory MEPs will leave the biggest political group in the European Parliament after the June 4 European elections and will try to set up their own.

Once again the Tories have put dogma before national interest. Just when the global economic crisis has shown the need for effective cooperation with our partners, David Cameron is showing himself to be an isolationist. This decision shows a complete lack of leadership. He is clearly pandering to the Eurosceptic lunatic fringe of his own Party.

The outcome of this is that Tory MEPs and the wider Conservative Party will have no influence and no say in the European Parliament. This cannot be good for the people of Britain, who they claim to represent in Europe.

Tories in the next European Parliament will sit in splendid isolation with a rag bag of nobodies who no one wants to listen to. David Cameron will have to explain how this will be of help to the people of Britain in a time of crisis.

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  1. Let them sit alone - surely they're only reducing Tory voters influcence and their right wing nastiness?