Monday, February 8, 2010

Why let the facts get in the way of a good EU scare story?

Following a post about so-called Euro-myths last year I read with interest that the Daily Express has been forced to publish an apology following its latest half-baked EU scare story, which made page one last Wednesday.

The story (now removed from the Daily Express website) predictably decried meddling eurocrats and their outrageous, evil scheme to ban the humble milk jug from tea rooms. The story even featured in the same day's leader, where an impassioned defence was made to save such an 'icon of British tea-time' from 'Brussels' interference.

The whole story was laughable and I am happy to see a full apology in today's Express where they point out that there is no proposed EU ban on milk jugs or any containers and that their article referred to an independent study carried out by the University of Valencia. Perhaps they will check their facts a bit more carefully next time.

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  1. The Express "story" is another example of the dumbed-down journalism that blights our politics nowadays. It was the same the other Sunday when I saw Adam Boulton (purporting to be a serious commentator from a purportedly credible news organisation) repeatedly trying desperately to ambush Harriet Harman and trick her into some far-fetched "admission" that she personally was trying to force schools to ban skirts for girls (obviously this failed miserably). Absolute garbage and abject unprofessionalism all in one!