Monday, July 20, 2009

Not in my Name

Last week saw the fascist BNP shamefully take up their seats in the European Parliament. Together with Labour MEPs, I welcomed to Strasbourg GMB members and the 'Hope not Hate' campaign who were here to present a petition against the BNP called 'Not in my Name' -

Already the BNP has been making waves, with Nick Griffin suggesting the EU's immigration policy should consist of sinking immigrants' boats. He also betrayed his misogyny in calling my good friend and colleague Glenys Kinnock, the new Europe Minister, a "political prostitute". As an MEP and tireless campaigner Glenys has done so much for the people of Wales and to address the problem of poverty in the developing world.

The BNP claim to represent Britain but they do not. It is Labour MEPs who will stand up for British people and will do so with tolerance, respect for diversity and with a politics of inclusion, not division. I am determined to make sure that the BNP's stay in the European parliament is short lived.

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  1. To me it is strange that BMP members want to sit in the EP, they are Euro-sceptics. They say that they are taking thier seats to destableise the EU from inside. However they don't mine taking the huge expences and salary that MEP's are entitled to and then go on a TV debate show to critisise MP expences, this is the hight of hypocracy.

    To me anyone is entitled to sit in the Parliament so long as they have been democratically elected by the people of the member state, no matter what party they support. I am by no means a member of the BMP movement and would go as far as saying I very strongly diagree with all of there policies, but what give a labour MEP or anyother MEP or anyother person in general the right to question the legitamy or presence of an BMP MEP?

    Gary Steel